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In a wave of excitement, the "Nation's Coldest Youth Entertainer" runs onto the stage, grabs the microphone and simply yells, "STAND UP"! It is amazing to be a part of the crowd's enthusiasm as they rise from their chairs and move closer to the stage. This performer's name is... JACE BLAIN and with two words he is boldly asking an audience full of young faces to Be More, Try Harder, Push Farther... & STAND UP!

"Jace Blain is the New Face of Youth Empowerment Music."

Jace Blain - The Stand Up Project A.G.E. Music's recording artist, Jace Blain, is a charismatic performer with a stage show that is both energetic and engaging. His debut album, "STAND UP", is a musical call-to-action which looks to ignite a fire within the young population. The project's energized vibe is set from the very beginning with the album's intro statement: "If you want something you've never had before... You have to be willing to do something you've never done."

With production from The MostCold &, the "STAND UP" album transcends the boundaries of traditional youth-focused music. Whether over rock guitar ("Wake Up") or bass heavy, synth tracks ("Like Yours"), Jace Blain consistently delivers futuristic, empowering messages with a much more urban, modern sound. The title-track, "Stand Up" and the club-ready, "Rock & Wave" (produced by G_Luck of GL Prod / Keys and Ink ) are two shining examples of Jace's ability to create contagious youth music that all age groups can enjoy and dance to.

At a time when the older generation's decisions are affecting the outcome of the world as we know it, Jace Blain understands what it means to make your way in a world you didn't create. Through his newest musical project, "STAND UP", the trained youth director continues to "encourage today's young people to reach further towards tomorrow's goals... no matter the outlook or obstacles. Today's Empowered Youth = Tomorrow's Strongest Leaders." STAND UP!

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The Interview: An In-depth interview with Jace Blain

P - OK! So let's get to this music? What is this new project you're working on now? What can we expect?
J - The new project is my debut solo album, The Stand Up Project. You can definitely expect me to put myself into it! Lots of Energy, Clean Fun, and Tons of Empowering lyrics

P - How would you describe your style of music?
J - I have 1000 different characters inside of me. [Laughs] If I want to go hip-hop, R&B, Rock/, Country, Spoken word. It doesn't matter. I'm not afraid to explore the unknown in terms of my talents. So my style is fearless.

P - Your songs, WAKE UP and ROCK & WAVE have a different sound than we're used to hearing from youth-focused artists? How did that come about?
J - I work with some great Producers. They always challenge me to stay original. That's helps a lot.

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